New Location In Hamilton Ohio

New Hamilton Office

Be Free Bail Bonds New Location in Hamilton Ohio,

We have moved to a new location just a short distance from our original location.

As of February 1, 2022, we will be serving our clients from a new location just 1.5 miles away from our old location. We will still be providing the same great service to our clients as we have done since 2010. We are now located in historic downtown Hamilton, Ohio in the Key Bank Building across from the old courthouse (Area 2 Court) at 6 S. 2nd St. STE 312 Hamilton, Ohio 45011.

We opened our original Hamilton location in 2011 and dedicated it as our corporate office and have been serving Butler County and its surrounding counties ever since. We would like to thank all of our past, present, and future clients for choosing us and supporting us throughout the years, and look forward to many more.

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New Location In Hamilton

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What is a Bail Bond?

Understanding What a Bail Bond Is?

A Bail Bond is a process used to secure the release of a defendant who is awaiting trial for a criminal charge or sometimes traffic offenses. In short, a Bail Bond is a guarantee to the court that the defendant or accused will appear in court to answer to the charge they are accused of. In most cases, a family member or friend of the defendant will be the one who makes the initial contact with the Bail Bondsman to secure a bail bond. Most Bail Bond Companies do not allow the defendant to bail themselves out of jail and will need a family member or friend to Indemnify (sign, be liable) the bond on behalf of the defendant.

What Type of Bonds Are There?

Typically there are three types of bonds a judge or magistrate will set for a defendant.

Number one is an OR Bond,

The first one is known as an OR Bond, which stands for, Own Recognacense. This type of bond means that the defendant is released on their own promise (signature) to appear in court and will not have to pay any money to be released.

Number two is a 10% bond through the court

The second type of bond a judge or magistrate will set is a 10% Bond. This type of bond means that a family member or friend can go directly to the court or jail and pay the 10% directly to the court without needing a bail bondsman. With this type of bond, the person who pays the 10% is still guaranteeing the defendant will show up to court. If the defendant shows up to court and finishes the case the person who paid the 10% will receive most of the 10% back minus a percentage that the court keeps for themselves. In some instances, the remaining 10% will be applied to the defendant’s court cost and o(or) fines.

And number three is a Surety Bail Bond (Bail Bond)

Finally, the third type of bond is a Surety Bail Bond, commonly known as a Bail Bond. This type of bond is when the court is requiring the full amount of the bond to be secured by a Bail Bonds Company (Bail Bondsman) and Surety.   (A Surety is the Insurance Company that is contracted with the Bail Bonds Company and Agent) This type of bond is where a Bail Bondsman contracts with a family member or friend to secure the release of the defendant from jail and guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in court. Most states regulate the fees or percentage a Bail Bondsman charges for this service, typically it is 10%. Some courts will also require the court cost and (or) state fee to be paid at the time the bail bond is posted. this process is not as cut and dry as some may assume. When a family member or friend agrees to indemnify (Indemnify – a contract or promise to make the Bail Bonds Company and Surety Whole Again if the defendant fails to appear in court and bond forfeited) the bond they are signing liability that the defendant will appear to all court dates until that case is finished. If the defendant Fails To Appear (FTA) then that family member or friend (Indemnitor) is liable to pay the entire amount of the bond plus any fees or cost back to the Bail Bonds Company and Surety. As long as the defendant appears to all court dates and finishes the case, then the family member or friend will have no further monetary obligation to the Bail bondsman, Bond Company, or Surety. Only if the defendant fails to appear in court and the bond forfeited by the court will make the Indemnitor be liable for the bond and cost.



The Justice System Has Become A Disgrace In 2020

What a disgrace the justice system has become in 2020, Judges are doing a disservice to our communities.

The Justice system in 2020. As of late, the courts are doing injustice to our communities, taxpayers, defendants, and law enforcement.

This is becoming the trend in 2020, so I get a call this morning from a client trying to bond her boyfriend out, he has two Felonies and scheduled for court today. The defendant goes to court and the judge set bond at $1,000, yes I said $1,000 on two felony charges. So in short the bond does not match the charge so therefore most Bail Bond Companies will not be willing to take on that risk for such a small monetary compensation for the service. So now with states trying to push Bail Reform as well the people who need us the most will be the ones who suffer.

Bail Bond companies are here to make sure that defendants show up to the court to answer for the charge(s) they are accused of, at no cost to the taxpayer. Our success rate for making sure the clients show up to court is 99%, and most courts that implement 10% bail through the court are 75% or less. We also offer payment plans to clients who may need monetary help, we help folks with drug issues and mental issues because most Bail Bondsmen are willing to listen to our clients, unlike the courts or the prosecutors. Most of our clients are regular people who just make a mistake in life like all of us do at one point in our lives.

Bail Reform

Bail Reform will make people accused of a crime a slave to the system. Bail Reform will implemented Pre Trial Services that the defendant will have to comply with, which means you will have to report two or more times a week, drug test, in some cases you may still have to pay bail through the court, you will have to pay for these drug test and other fees.

Having to do Pre Trial is the same as being on Probation but, this will happen before your case is even heard and or before you are found guilty of a crime. If the defendants do not show up to court on Pre Trial Release then it will be up to the taxpayer to foot the bill for your local law enforcement to go find, apprehend, and bring back into custody. Most law enforcement agencies do not have the manpower or the budget to bring these offenders back into custody so therefor more criminals will be on the streets committing more crime, it is a downhill slope.

If courts and the justice systems keep this trend the true criminals will realize that they have the upper hand and more rights then law-abiding citizens and this will influence more people to commit crime because they know that there will be little to no consequences for their actions or incentive to go to court which will intern make communities unsafe. We see this now in major cities across the United States.

This has to end or we will be a nation of lawlessness.


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New Office Lebanon Ohio

Be Free Bail Bonds Lebanon Ohio Office

New Office Lebanon Ohio

Be Free Bail Bonds Is very pleased to be serving Warren County Ohio, With Our New Office Lebanon Ohio

New Office Lebanon Ohio, Be Free Bail Bonds is proud to announce the opening of our new office located at 15 Cincinnati Ave. in historic downtown Lebanon, Ohio (Warren County) across from LM&M Railroad at the corner of Broadway and Cincinnati Ave. less than a mile from the Warren County Jail and one block from the Lebanon Municipal Court. Be Free Bail Bonds has always provided Bail Bonds service in Warren County but now it is more convenient for our clients as well as our agents. Payment plan available to those who qualify with only 5% down. Be Free Bail Bonds is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau and work very hard to ensure you have a pleasant experience as possible. Check out our Warren County Bail Bonds Page for more details.

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