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Be Free Bail Bonds provides professional, reliable, and honest Bail Bonds services to ensure the release of your family or friends from local and county jails in Southwest and Central Ohio. Our Agents are licensed and registered in all Municipal and County Courts throughout Southwestern and Central Ohio. We have local Bail Bondsman that will guide you through the entire Bail Bond process, we know how stressful it can be having someone you love and care about in jail. We will be there for through the entire case, from beginning to end.


When someone is arrested and taken to a local police department or county jail a bond is set, usually by a bond schedule set by the courts in that jurisdiction or from the arresting officer. A Bail Bond is to ensure that the defendant will appear in court. This is when the process begins, after being arrested the defendant needs to notify a loved one or friend that can contact a local bail bonds company. If a Bail Bond is set at $1,000.00 total bond, the cost for that bond will be 10% ($100.00 premium) plus court cost and a surcharge of $25.00 set by the state, (Ohio State Law is 10% of Total Bond) A defendant can not post his own bail bond. The person agreeing to post bond, also known as the Indemnitor will need to be employed for a certain amount of time and who can be trusted to ensure the appearance of the defendant in court. Most bonds can be secured by someone who is employed, the 10% and court cost, no collateral is needed for most bonds. If a defendant has a history of not showing for scheduled court dates, Failure to Appear also known as FTA or Contempt of Court, then collateral may be needed to secure the Bond. Once we have met with the Indemnitor and completed all paperwork then the bond can be posted at the court or the jail, after posting bond it can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 12 hours in some jail, the average is between one to two hours. When someone Indemnifies a Bail Bond they are taking on a monetary  responsibility that the defendant will appear at all the scheduled court dates until the case is finished (Final Disposition), if a defendant does not show up to a court date the Indemnitor will be liable to pay back the entire amount of the Bond plus any fees or cost including attorney fees and court cost.

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If you have an active warrant that you were not aware of and you would like to turn yourself in, we can help. Call us and one of our agents will deal with all of the necessities and paperwork for you. We will help you be ready so that your time in custody is as short as possible.

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